A new online casino, Vegas Crest Casino, has been awarded the prestigious Wizard of Odds APPROVED designation, making it one of the most recent to do so. For new players, Vegas Crest Casino offers a three-part welcome package that is powered by three distinct casino software providers, is U.S. Friendly, and is powered by three separate casino software providers.

Please check the following link for the evaluation of Vegas Crest Casino.

It should also be noted that the game has been APPROVED by the Wizard of Odds.

This indicates that the casino has been APPROVED and fulfills the stringent requirements set by our own Wizard. A player who joins up via a link on either the or the websites will benefit from extra safeguards as a consequence of this decision. Suppose a player has a disagreement with the casino (though we recommend that you attempt to settle the dispute yourself first), the Wizard will intervene and serve as a mediator between the player and casino in order to try to resolve the dispute.

Another thing to keep in mind about Vegas Crest Casino is that, similar to what Bovada recently implemented, if you use one of their promotions (such as a Match Bonus) and lose before completing the required playthrough, the uncompleted playthrough will be carried over to the next bonus (if any) that a player redeems. Keeping this in mind while deciding whether or not to perform another bonus is critical since the extra playtime may be sufficient to make the next bonus unfavorable in certain cases.

So, now that we’ve cleared everything out, let’s look at this three-part Bonus:

1.)$10 No-Deposit Bonus (99x Playthrough, maximum cashout of $100) 2.)$10 Deposit Bonus (99x Playthrough, maximum cashout of $100)

2.)200 percent sign-up bonus with a maximum bonus of $1000 ($500 deposit) with a maximum bonus of

3.)300 percent sign up bonus on 2nd deposit with a maximum bonus of $1500 ($500 deposit) with a maximum bonus of $1500 ($500 deposit)

The first thing I would suggest is that you do not take advantage of the No-Deposit Bonus unless you are completely certain that you would never make another deposit with the casino until you win. Players have a low chance of meeting the wagering requirements for the No Deposit Bonus, thus the only thing you will likely achieve is to effectively increase your playthrough amount when you do deposit as a consequence of failing to meet the wagering requirement for the No Deposit Bonus.

With the No-Deposit Bonus, you’re also restricted to $2 Max Bets, so any thoughts of taking a free big shot are out the window.

To summarize, if you’re intending on never playing there again if you don’t win the No Deposit Bonus, then go ahead and take advantage of the offer.

When you make a deposit while still having unfinished playthrough requirements, your “Effective playthrough amount” will be a higher proportion of your Deposit + Bonus amount, which will be a larger percentage of your Deposit + Bonus amount. Therefore, if you deposit large amounts of money, the percentage difference will be less significant…but then again, you are unlikely to be interested in a $10 NDB with a Max Cash of $100 in the first place, are you?

Obviously, my favorite thing to do is to have a bonus that allows me to play straight-up without having to make any clever plays in order to have a positive expected value. Assuming that the playthrough requirement for each of these bonuses is 30x the bonus plus the deposit, the total amount of slots play required for the first deposit bonus would be $45,000, which would entail depositing $500 to get the entire $1000 Bonus.

It is important to note that, as compared to slots, Video Poker and Blackjack each count for just one-tenth of the playthrough requirement; as a result, both of those choices would need a total spending of $450,000 in order to qualify.

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