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Review of Loony Bingo

You may expect a bingo casino website with a name like Loony Bingo to be absolutely and utterly out of the ordinary, stark raving mad. But you would be wrong. Sorry to disappoint you, but those in charge of putting it together look to be more than rational in their decision-making. Although it has been described as “nut house,” this is far from that. If you compare Loony Bingo to so many other websites of this kind, it makes logic, is clear about what it wants to provide you (as opposed to the rants of a lunatic), and is cleverly constructed.

When the landing page is shown, everything will become instantly evident to you. It has been our experience that site designers have made some stunning decisions, both in terms of navigation and layout, but also in terms of color scheme and graphics, among other things. Some casino websites are just unappealing to look at, and they are certainly not the kind of locations you want to spend much time on, much alone large sums of money on, to play. Fortunately, Loony Bingo does not fall under this category.

Don’t be concerned, we’re just joking. When you take the time to look at Loony Bingo carefully, you will find that it is not particularly frighteningly insane. Select ‘Bingo’ from the menu bar at the top left of the screen and we’ll demonstrate what we mean in more detail.

If you look for instructions on how to use the internet, you will find them rather than a roomful of individuals shouting at themselves to ‘STOP TALKING’ or ‘GET OUT OF MY HEAD’ instead. A few lines below the menu bar are instructions on how to claim your welcome bonus, and above all of that are several links to information on more promotional opportunities. That said, we don’t really want to speak about them right now since else we won’t have anything to talk about later.

As you would think, bingo is the primary attraction on this area of the website, and the bulk of the screen is taken up with links to the many types of games that are available. There’s the Daily Grand, which offers a £1,000 jackpot every day; the £250 ‘Money Penny’ jackpot; the £10,000 jackpot; the £10,000 Bingo X Multiplier; 90 Ball, 75 Ball, Win £400 for a penny; Progressive jackpot bingo; guaranteed jackpot bingo; and amazingly free bingo, to name a few highlights. Yes, it’s free bingo, which still gives you a chance to win real money despite the fact that you’re not spending a cent to participate. The specific mafia ties that have enabled this to be made are unknown at this time, but it’s fair to say that we aren’t complaining.

Section on Slots

If you choose the Slots option from the menu bar, you will be magically transported to the slots portion of the website, as you would expect. The first category is Top Slots, which refers to the games that have received the highest ratings on this site. You may also play progressive jackpot slots, where the more spins you make, the bigger your chances of winning are of winning. Then there are casino slots, which provide games like as baccarat and poker in the guise of a slot machine. Finally, there are Instant-win games. Apart from the fact that they pay out significantly more quickly than regular slots, there isn’t much to distinguish them from regular slots.

Deals that are out of this world

You’ve entered the realm of Loony Bingo jargon. Or are you a liar? No, not in the traditional sense. Unfortunately, the promotions part has the same content as the bingo section, which is both confusing and – dare we say – aggravating, to say the least, to say the least. The following are the reasons…

In the first place, it implies that there aren’t actually any ‘promotions’ in the traditional sense of the word, as most casino and gambling sites describe promotions these days. Instead, you’re left with a slew of bingo games that are always available and that provide varying degrees of value for money depending on the time of day, the day of the week, or the week of the month (don’t hold us to those exact specifications; we’re trying to make a point rather than be precise). Therefore, the only really insane bargain on offer is the sign up bonus, which essentially amounts to investing £10 and playing with £80 in total. Although this is an eight-fold increase in the value of your investment, it still indicates that the site falls well short of the sort of bonus we’d expect from a site of this nature in terms of total value. This is hardly the most enticing technique to persuade others to join the team.

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