Review of T Rex Bingo

You may not be shocked to find that T Rex Bingo enjoys making quite a racket. The instant you get on the landing page, you’re confronted with an explosion of color and information that may seem overwhelming if you’re more used to the pared-down design selections made by whomever is responsible for putting these sites together.

Fortunately, we are made of sturdier (or maybe simply more receptive) material than that. As a consequence, enthusiasm prevails over bewilderment. The webpage itself is quite straightforward in terms of details – there are no new typefaces or creative subtleties on display here – but this is just coincidental. You’ve come to play and win, likely with bingo at the top of your priority list. As so, this seems to be the appropriate location.

The normal click-through tab choices are located under the website’s name. Register, Promotions, Bingo, and Winners, as well as assistance. Each is fairly self-explanatory, but it’s worth noticing how they aren’t unduly convoluted in terms of what’s on offer — we’ve seen sites where Promotions, Offers, and Loyalty are all distinct sections of the website, which isn’t useful for navigation.

Additionally, the makers have taken care not to leave anybody in the dark about the game’s general play choices. The site has a Top Winners feed that highlights recent winners and the stunning sums they have won. Within a few minutes, we were seeing frequent news reports of individuals walking away with around £20,000, with some even exceeding the £30,000 mark, which is very astounding.

Instant Games are also clearly displayed, which is a terrific method to communicate to guests that there is more to this establishment than bingo. Numerous instants on other bingo sites are scratchcard-style games, and this trend continues at T Rex Bingo, but we’ll get to that later.

On the overall, this is a frenetic and busy beginning to a website, but one that works and serves its goal well—you really do want to get in and start gaming immediately. As so, let us proceed.

Two Obese Ladies

If you’ve been contentedly wandering about under the impression that bingo was all about aged community halls packed with even older people, prepare to have your dreams dashed. To be sure, for better or worse.

While you will not be able to locate the leisurely pace of life that our imagination thinks exists somewhere out there, you will be given to evidence of why bingo has been dragged into the intensity of the twenty-first century. There are two distinct varieties of bingo, each of which puts a unique twist on the ancient classic. Let’s take a brief look at each separately, since they may well play a significant role in determining whether or not to join up.

If you’re accustomed to playing in the United States of America, 75 Ball is the most prevalent. This technique is based on the concept of attempting to check off your numbers in order to form a predetermined pattern on the card. Additionally, 90 Ball is offered, in which you attempt to check off a single line, two lines, or the whole house.

Progressive jackpot games are ongoing, and these accumulators include the big, big, huge money. This may seem quite limiting in comparison to some of the other bingo sites available, but the lack of alternatives like Norwegian Forest Bingo or Rhodesian Multi-Line is really refreshing — the majority of players just want to play bingo, and the constant decision-making is getting in the way.

Immediate gratification

Bingo a bit too time-consuming for you? There are no issues. Despite the fact that T Rex Bingo wears bingo on its metaphorical sleeve, it does offer several other games, including Instant Games. These are a pleasant and rather thrilling diversion from the main event, as it were, and are well worth investigating.

Win a Lot, Win a Lottery

This is the section we usually pass over whenever we come across a new gaming website – what promotions do they provide and how do they compare to those offered by competitors?

Fortunately, T Rex does more than behave like the giant killing monster from ancient times; it also gives some fairly sizable discounts that you won’t want to miss.

There are chances to win up to £50,000 in real money, more specifically £100 cash, as well as lots of loyalty benefits if you opt in for the long haul. It’s also a rather straightforward procedure; just earn ‘jewels’ and you’ll be rated as a Pro, Master, or Champ, with each level providing increasingly more perks based on your performance and willingness to invest time on the site.

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