After a three-way chop for $90,330, Pe Kyaw takes home the Run Good

Poker Series Graton $800 Main Event. The event saw a large turnout. 1,043 people participated, contributing significantly to the $730,100 prize fund. For the second day, the starting flight was reduced to 131 players, all of whom were guaranteed $1,175 for their efforts.

Papa Karn (127th, $1,175), Jacob Long (117th, $1,320), Josh Prager (76th, $1,925), Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano (47th, $2,475), and Cody Stanford (32nd, $3,205) were among the many names that fell throughout the day. Each of them was unable to achieve the objective of making the final table.

Pe Kyaw won the ring after a long battle at the final table. He did a three-handed ICM deal with Daniel Lowery (second place, $88,870) and Taylor Pollard (third place, $84,835), which saw each of them take home substantial prizes for their accomplishments.

The resident of California ended the day with the chip lead because he received crucial double-ups from Noel Rodriguez (9th-$12,420) and David Bellacose (4th-$41,195), both of whom were on the good end of the deck. With only $762 in total Hendon Mob cash, he has increased his lifetime earnings significantly. He responded, “Play tight, play good,” when asked about his play throughout the day.

Highlights from Day 2

Noel Rodriguez started the final day as the overall tournament chip leader. However, he lost badly to Pe Kyaw with two tables left when his ace-king couldn’t stand up to Kyaw’s king-jack, leaving him with the smallest stack at the final table. David Bellacose called him with king-queen off suit as he eventually entered his final five big blinds with jack-ten suit. Rodriguez finished his run in ninth place for $12,420 after both players flopped a pair, but Bellacose’s pair of queens won out.

Jason Castro came in eighth place and left with him. Castro called with ace-jack for twelve big blinds after Chip Leader Taylor Pollard moved all in from the button into the two shortest stacks at the table. It was behind the pro sovereign of Pollard and no jack on the run out implied that Castro gathered $16,640 for his endeavors.

James Cavanaugh found a bend over approximately an hour into the last table when his ace-jack held against Mitchell Collins’ top dog sovereign, yet not long after his pocket jacks ran into Pollard’s aces. Cavanaugh wished his tablemates luck as he and his substantial rail headed off to collect the $20,970 for their efforts after the board provided no assistance to the pocket jacks.

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Due to Cavanaugh’s loss of the key hand, Mitchell Collins was temporarily the table short stack. From the early position, he would eventually move his final chips with an ace-nine off suit, which Pollard called with a king-jack off suit. The lemon came out lord high and that was all she composed for Collins who finished his disagreement 6th spot for $25,365.

For his long run, Don VO won $31,255

He was the short stack for most of the final table, but he eventually moved in with ace-nine off suit to move in his final chips, only for Taylor Pollard to call with ace-jack off suit. VO finished his run in fifth place after the board ran out without assisting him.

David Bellacose was one of the big stacks at the final table, but he lost two important hands to Pe Kyaw, which hurt him a lot. In order for them to swap positions on the chip counts, he first lost pocket nines to Kyaw’s ace-three. The next time, after they had all of their chips in preflop, he lost pocket jacks to Kyaw’s pocket threes. On the flop, a three rolled, but Bellacose received no help, and he finished fourth for $41,195.

The remaining three players began negotiating a deal after a few hands were played and the chip counts became significantly more similar. Each of the three players consented to an ICM slash that saw Pollard bring back home $84,835 for a third-place stack, Lowery bring back home $88,870, and Kyaw bring back home $90,330 as well as the ring and the seat to the Fantasy Seat Invitational at Thunder Valley.

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