The Heartbeat of Insight

As I sat discreetly paying attention to the music with my eyes shut, I became mindful sooner or later that the music was done entering through my ears and my head, yet was going straightforwardly into my heart. It felt like my heart were loading up with the music and I ended up going into a pleasantly blissful state.

This book is the consequence of an individual, profoundly changing experience which opened my cognizance to information on Nature’s transformative goal for humanity. Following this experience, an expansive range of examination and works of New Cognizance masterminds started synchronistic ally to fall into my hands, giving me constantly with documentation which shows that the mind isn’t our main wellspring of knowledge, that we have a second sort of knowledge which Nature planned to act in organic Dynamic with our cerebrum insight: insight of the heart.

For a conscious being to accomplish an elevated degree of knowledge and to keep developing and extending in that insight, Nature needs to move that being out of the domain of sense into the domain of decision. This is really a major bet with respect to Nature.

However, Nature appears to take care of herself by accommodating the development in people of a second degree of knowledge which would treat and adjust decisions by the mind. That level is heart knowledge, “planned” Naturally to give the mental fortitude of our mind a comprehensive perspective on its reality as well as a sympathetic, empathetic ground on which to base its perspectives and independent direction; its decisions.

The human cerebrum and heart were planned naturally to develop together to a level that permit them admittance to a Higher Cognizance

A general, non-nearby, hyper dimensional, maybe, level of Knowledge/Awareness. The mind gets to that Higher Cognizance intellectually through the cerebrums, the heart gets to it sincerely through a baffling natural cycle actually that legitimate of the cerebrum. Nonetheless, as we advanced out of nature and into decision we progressively intruded on the development of our heart insight by accepting that our psyche decisions have more weight than our heart decisions. As an outcome, our heart knowledge has not developed working together with mind insight as Nature expected. A large portion of the issues we face today are the consequence of this disappointment.

I was shown that the responses and answers for our situation are accessible right now in a variety of apparently divergent New Cognizance thinking and examination which was synchronistic ally drawn out into the open, for example, Joseph Chilton Pearce’s examination into the heart/mind association; the hypothesis of Neaten (the retention into adulthood of adolescent qualities as a developmental benefit); Synchronicity as an causal regulation; the hypothesis of the Universe as a visualization including David Boehm’s hypothesis of elucidate and ensnare requests of energy.

Rupert Sheldrake’s hypothesis of morphogenesis; and an investigation of Nature Spirits

I was shown the way that these apparently different subjects wind around together to shape a bright embroidery which gives replies to us and makes a delightful image of expectation and happiness for a surprising future that will incorporate carrying on with significantly longer lives (maybe 300-400 years) in young bodies which will permit us to utilize our extraordinary, wonderful human mind.

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