Summary of the Euphoria Slot

The third game in iSoftBet’s Extreme Pays series is a radical departure from previous entries in the series. The London-based company has set its sights on the heavens from the sweltering jungles of Wild Ape to the ancient civilization of Egyptian King. The end result is a slot that’s far more interesting than it seems at first glance. Screenshots make Euphoria look like any old slot machine, but when you fire it up, you’ll be sent on a trippy journey through the stars. As part of the Extreme Pays series, you can anticipate a risky but potentially rewarding experience. More significant than the game’s obvious promise, though, is the fact that it’s a blast to play.

It’s simple to lose oneself in the game’s environment after the opening cutscene, which features a feverishly voiced ‘Euphoria’ over a spinning nebula. It has a simple design, a lovely (if busy) galaxy backdrop, and a powerful atmosphere thanks to a suite of excellent sounds. The upbeat result is a terrific fit for the game, from the fantastic low-key EDM to the symbol and win effects. It’s the epitome of elegance in its seeming simplicity.

The gameplay follows the visual initial impressions – simple yet effective. The symbols begin with the royal cards J through A and a variety of valuable stones that make up the paytable. The diamond sits above a gradient of orange, green, blue, and purple gemstones. If you get five of a kind with this last stone, you’ll win back almost 13.3 times your original wager, and all you need is two of them to cash in. Those who found the background’s whirling aesthetic reminiscent of Big Time Gaming’s Opal Fruits may find the paytable’s graphics to be an even stronger reminder of that game.

However, the action is driven by a traditional 5×3 grid, thus the gameplay is very different from Opal Fruits. There are 243 possible winning combinations, produced by getting three or more consecutive matching symbols in a row, from left to right. The ‘WILD’ can stand in for any other icon besides the bonus icon to help complete winning combinations. We’ll go into how wild the star is and how it’s the secret to some crazy outcomes in the next section, “Features.” To kick off the trip, you’ll need to make some small bets, anywhere from 30 percent up to $/€30 every spin.

The word “extreme” in the title of the series implies a certain level of drama, and Euphoria delivers with a thrillingly unpredictable mathematical model. In terms of return to player (RTP), it falls short of the other two Extreme Pays games but still generates a respectable 95.99%. However, Euphoria has the most untapped potential of the three, so let’s examine how to maximize your experience with it.

Slot Machine Euphoria Functions

Star icons are the game’s golden ticket to the highest payouts. This kaleidoscopic icon not only substitutes for other symbols, but also adds multipliers to the mix. The maximum win multiplier during Euphoria Spins is x27, and as many as three can occur simultaneously during the base game to trigger them.

The Free Spins feature activates when the logo scatter symbol appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. During this round, the star symbols play a key role. When the star symbol appears during the initial 8 free spins, two things take place. First, their multipliers are added to an overall win multiplier which can go as high as x243. Second, a counter displays the number of star symbols that have appeared above each reel.

Now, a single star awards a multiplier of x2, and more stars on the same reel increase that by a factor of x3. With the potential for insane multiplication action, the feature can be extended by five free spins if star symbols appear on all five reels.

Where available, players can choose to activate the Euphoria Bet. At a cost of 100 times the total stake, clicking this bonus buy button ensures that the next spin will produce three bonus symbols. It’s a hefty sum, to be sure, but it’s not ridiculously high in comparison to other slot machines that provide this feature.

Judgment in the Euphoria Slot

Without a shadow of a doubt, Euphoria is a visual and auditory extravaganza. It lacks obvious visual flair but exudes an enjoyable gameplay experience. An almost mystical feeling is generated by the game’s combination of a galactic theme with superb audio production. Of course, the mysticism would be meaningless without some concrete basis. The good news for gamers is that Euphoria’s content more than makes up for its flash.

There is none of the technical reel wizardry that, say, Egyptian King provided in iSoftBet’s last Extreme Pays offering. However, its no-nonsense, extremely powerful action makes it the most sought-after of the bunch. Getting stars and increasing your win multiplier is basically all there is to feeling ecstatic about. Once Euphoria gets rolling, it has the potential to pay out 20,000 times the initial wager. The potential for gains like that makes the bonus buy option quite alluring. The game is exceedingly unpredictable, so players must proceed with caution.

In conclusion, iSoftBet has excelled with Euphoria. Instead of adding more complexity to the Extreme Pays slot machines, as may have been expected, the developers made the brilliant choice to simplify things. Aiming for the stars, this slot machine has been meticulously designed and developed.

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